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Colour riot.

The Seyðishólar í Grímsnesi cluster of craters serves as a quarry, sourcing material for civil works in this area of South Iceland. Such exploitation would not pass muster today with Icelanders, sensitive to the preservation of their land’s natural wonders. But back in the day, when the first Komatsu rolled in to scoop soil, such concerns were not at the forefront.

The colours in the crater are saturated enough to blow the channels of your senses. We spent a delightful afternoon here, quarrying a pile of photographic compositions.

Seyðishólar í Grimsnesi craters, IcelandSeyðishólar í Grimsnesi craters, Iceland

Seyðishólar í Grimsnesi craters, Iceland

Seyðishólar í Grimsnesi
5DS, 100-400L IS II

Seyðishólar í Grimsnesi craters, Iceland

Crater, now a quarry
iPhone XS

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