Sumarnætur: Summer Nights in Iceland – 10

Night of the full moon.

June 24, 2021. The moon coasting low above the waters of the Atlantic Ocean is a spectacle fit for the gods.

The Sumarnætur collection.

Strandarkirkja Church, Full Moon, Reykjanes, Iceland

Strandarkirkja – Selvogur, Reykjanes
5DS, 100-400L IS II


As I drove by, the moon was lined up precisely with the tip of the lighthouse. To my dismay there was no shoulder on the road to pull over, and while there was hardly any oncoming traffic I wasn’t going to risk blocking a lane. By the time I was able to find a safe spot to park and run back, I had lost 20 precious minutes, and with it the original shot.

Selvogsviti, Lighthouse, Full Moon, Reykjanes, Iceland

Lamp over the Atlantic Ocean – Selvogsviti, Reykjanes
5DS, 100-400L IS II

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