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Icelandic Highlands Gems – Blautulón

Wet lagoon.

The series continues and the introduction in the first post is reprised below.

If there is one word that comes to mind repeatedly during excursions into the Highlands of Iceland, it is Strangeness. Here, among the last great wilderness areas outside of the polar extremes, you are often met by sights that connoisseurs of the cliché are wont to describe as “surreal.”

Hálendið (“The Highlands”) offers a buffet of dreamlike mountains, lava fields, volcanic craters, sand deserts, waterfalls, lakes, and glacial rivers. Away from the motorable tracks lie sublime visuals accessible only to the determined hiker or through aerial forays. This series brings under one umbrella lesser known abstracts of the Highlandscape, which, in many instances, remain unmarked on maps.

The Gems collection.

Norðari-Ófæra, Blautulón, Highlands, IcelandNorðari-Ófæra, Blautulón, Highlands, IcelandNorðari-Ófæra, Blautulón, Highlands, Iceland

Norðari-Ófæra, Blautulón, Highlands, Iceland

Blautulón – Highlands of Iceland
5DS, 24-70L f/2.8 II

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