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Icelandic Highlands Gems – 01

The Eye.

If there is one word that comes to mind repeatedly during excursions into the Highlands of Iceland, it is Strangeness. Here, among the last great wilderness areas outside of the polar extremes, you are often met by sights that connoisseurs of the cliché are wont to describe as “surreal.”

This series aims to collect a new class of visual objects under one umbrella. These are not the familiar attractions spelled out on the map – the dreamlike mountains, lava fields, volcanic craters, waterfalls, lakes, and rivers – that define Hálendið (“The Highlands”). Rather, these are transient landforms or an innominate tranche of the landscape that, under certain conditions, make you think you are under the spell of Photoshop sorcery.

Last month we came upon a Strangeness near Rauðufossafjöll.

The Gems collection.

Near Rauðufossafjöll, Highlands, Iceland

The Eye
5DS, 70-200L f/2.8 IS II

Near Rauðufossafjöll, Highlands, Iceland

A Highlands gem
5DS, 24-70L f/2.8 II


This final image provides context for the two images above. Notice the small informal parking lot (top centre-right of the frame) used by hikers.

Near Rauðufossafjöll, Highlands, Iceland

5DS, 24-70L f/2.8 II

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