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Sumarnætur: Summer Nights in Iceland – 1

Launch of a new series.

Summer’s in the air here in the sub-Arctic. This new series is devoted to images from around Iceland made over the years during the long summer nights. My intent is to paint the atmosphere, the mood, and convey some of the frisson provoked by the sublime light of the low midnight (and early morning) sun. During the few weeks before and after the summer solstice, the sun barely dips below the horizon between sunset and sunrise. Given this coalescence of night and day, we will extend “summer nights” to include the period immediately following sunrise.

The plan is to feature an image or two per post* and one post per week for the next 3 months or so. The collection will be consolidated at this link.

* Sometimes an additional image may be included.

PS: Although there may be some overlap, Reykjavík Nights will continue as a separate series.

Gæsafjöll at sunset, Midnight, Mývatn, Iceland

Sunset glow at Gæsafjöll, North Iceland
5DS, 100-400L IS II

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