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The Boatman

Mornin’ in Goa.

A lone fisherman out on the river during sunrise. Mornings such as these bring back memories of my childhood and youth. Check out the video below.

PS: Some have wondered whether this was a pre-determined shoot and if the boatman was modeling for me. The answer is no, this was an entirely candid session or as someone described elsewhere, “a target of opportunity.”

Boat in Nerul river, Goa

The boatman
DJI Phantom 4

Boat in Nerul river, Goa

Sunrise on River Nerul, Goa
DJI Phantom 4

Boat in Nerul river, Goa

DJI Phantom 4


The background score in the following video is the storied Bhairavi rendition by Goa‘s Kesarbai Kerkar. This recording is featured on the Voyager Golden Record aboard the Voyager spacecraft launched by NASA in 1977 as an exemplar of the finest in human cultural expression. Click here for more on Kesarbai and her birthplace.

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