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The Temple of Nagesh

In Goa’s Hindu heartland.

The temple of Nagesh, a form of Shiva, has a special cultural and religious significance for Goa‘s Hindus. This is a site of great antiquity, dating to probably circa 7th century AD, and is the only major Goan temple currently in active service that remained unaffected by the trauma of the iconoclasm waged by the early Portuguese.

An inscription in stone from the Vijayanagara era (14th C) is found in the temple. The current build was completed at the end of the 18th C.

The inheritance of serene surroundings, a lovely tank, and a charming design seems to be lost on the current keepers. Besides sanctioning the yearly coat of paint, they display no imagination, no attention to detail, and little evidence of aesthetic sensibility. Still, we must count our blessings that the bright wits haven’t yet dropped an ugly concrete blob within the perimeter.

These images were taken on a monsoon morning last year when, following a rain shower, the colours were thrown into bold relief.

Nagueshi Temple, GoaNagueshi Temple, GoaNagueshi Temple, GoaNagueshi Temple, Goa

Nagueshi Temple, Goa

Nagueshi Temple, Goa Nagesh Temple in Nageshi, Goa
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