Dark monsoon clouds hang low on the Western Ghats overlooking the 12th C Mahadeva (Shiva) temple in the village of Tambdi Surla, Goa. Many great Goan temples were destroyed by the Portuguese but this exquisitely carved gem, set in a remote jungle clearing, escaped unscathed probably because of its isolation. It is today the oldest surviving temple in Goa.

Mahadeva Temple in Tambdi Surla, Goa <br>5D, 24-105L

Mahadeva Temple in Tambdi Surla, Goa
5D, 24-105L

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  • Felix Fernandes - July 17, 2009 - 11:49 pm

    Just beautiful! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Mervyn Lobo - July 17, 2009 - 7:33 pm

    A beautiful temple
    A beutiful setting
    A beautiful pictureReplyCancel

  • Arun - July 17, 2009 - 2:57 pm

    Yes! I’d like to see this on a full-gamut monitor.ReplyCancel

  • Thaths - July 17, 2009 - 6:29 am

    Beautiful saturation on this photo. The greens are as if shot on Velvia.ReplyCancel

The southwest monsoons along India’s Konkan and Malabar coast are now in full flow. Those who live in this region of western India enjoy the verdant lushness that blankets the land at this time of the year. This is wild, opulent green that we are talking about, heightened by the diffuse lighting provided by cloud cover.

In 2007 I had the pleasure of photographing an entire monsoon season in Goa, and a small slice of it in Kerala. This is the first installment of a monsoon-themed sequence. To us Goans, the monsoon is not merely a season. It is a state of mind, a feeling. I shall try to convey that complex of emotions and aesthetic through these photographs.

Outdoor well in Porvorim, Goa<br>5D, 70-200L f/2.8 IS

Outdoor well in Porvorim, Goa
5D, 70-200L f/2.8 IS

  • Sanjeev - July 21, 2009 - 10:36 am

    Hey Rajan, When are you coming ? Goa is just like this now…ReplyCancel

  • Arun - July 9, 2009 - 3:59 am

    The humidity! I can feel it.

    That little arch of brown near the middle of the frame is a bit of a distraction.ReplyCancel

The magnificent Church of St. Estevem in Goa lights up the eponymous village along the River Mandovi. It was founded in 1575, and destroyed twice by the Marathas, before the current structure assumed its final form in 1759. The church features a “cupoliform façade with prominent drum and lantern” and is built in the “Mannerist style with Baroque features.” (vide The Parish Churches of Goa by José Lourenço, Amazing Goa Publications, 2006.)

The village of St. Estevem also goes by the name Jua.

Church of St. Estevem<br>5D, 24-105L

Church of St. Estevem
5D, 24-105L

The joys of village life, St. Estevem<br>5D, 24-105L

The joys of village life, St. Estevem
5D, 24-105L

  • Mervyn Lobo - July 17, 2009 - 7:38 pm

    The details on this picture are something else. It almost takes you back to a different time…..ReplyCancel

  • Arun - July 5, 2009 - 2:05 pm

    Something about the architecture of the building leaves me a little cold.

    Photographically, the 24-105 doesn’t seem to have any of its usual distortion. Have you done any distortion corrections in post-processing?ReplyCancel

Shot during breakfast on the grounds of Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Lovebirds at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur<br>5D, 70-200L f/2.8 IS

Lovebirds at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur
5D, 70-200L f/2.8 IS

  • Ashley D'silva - July 17, 2009 - 9:11 pm

    Hello Rajan,
    Great photos. I like them very much – U made my day.

  • Arun - July 3, 2009 - 6:18 pm

    I’d be scared to let a beak so close to my eye, even if I was a peacock 🙂

    Did you do anything to enhance the blurred background?ReplyCancel

    • Rajan P. Parrikar - July 3, 2009 - 9:37 pm

      No. The shot was taken at f/2.8 @ 200mm from around 4 metres from the birds, so the background blur was natural.ReplyCancel