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Esja, My Love

The jewel in Reykjavík’s crown.

European cities such as Prague, Vienna, Rome, Budapest, Barcelona and many others are home to masterpieces of architecture. I can stand in front of those monuments, in thrall of their grandeur, marvel at the human spirit & imagination that birthed them. But despite their historical and cultural significance, fundamentally these are lifeless pieces of stone, of which I get weary once I have had my fill. Like their cities, they are imposing and dignified – but devoid of the animating spirit, ultimately boring.

Reykjavík has none of this architectural majesty but it has Esja. And for that alone, I would take Reykjavík over all those pompous cities, any day every day.

A mountain of the quality and character of Esja, in contrast to the monuments fashioned by the hand of Man, is a living entity issued from the mind of God. And the imagination of God is far greater than the imagination of Man.

You can never tire of looking at Esja. Every day it brings a fresh reveal.

Esja, Reykjavík, Iceland

Light on Esja
5DS, 100-400L IS II

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