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Goddess of fertility.

Gajalaxmi is one of the 8 aspects of the Hindu Goddess Laxmi. In Goa this manifestation of the Goddess is associated with fertility. Her presence is especially pronounced in the villages along the Mandovi River basin where she is also referred to as Kelbai and Bhauka.

The representation of Gajalaxmi in the ancient (10th-13th C) monolithic panels found in Goa shows her flanked by two elephants (Gaja is the Sanskrit word for elephant) and in the company of warriors, musicians and devotees. Many of these panels are found outdoors in forest groves or in temple compounds.

Gajalakshmi in Cudshem, Sattari, Goa

Gajalakshmi in Cudshem
5D Mark III, Zeiss ZE 50 f/2 MP

Gajalakshmi in Cudshem, Sattari, Goa

Wider view of the grove
5DS, 24-70L f/2.8 II

Gajalakshmi at Ganjeshwari temple at Ganjem, Sattari, Goaq

In Ganjem
5D, 24-105L

Gajantlakshmi Temple in Volvoi, Goa

Gajantalaxmi Temple in Volvoi
5D Mark III, 70-200L f/2.8 IS II

Gajalakshmi at Kelbai Temple, Caranzol, Sattari, Goa

In Caranzol
5DS, 24-70L f/2.8 II


In 2007 I met Gajalaxmi in the flesh in Hampi, Karnataka.

Lakshmi the elephant at Virupaksha temple

Laxmi the elephant, at Virupaksha Temple in Hampi
5D, 24-105L


And finally, a charming recitation of the Ashtalaxmi stotram

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