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Solar Eclipse

Celestial dramas.

The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, will be visible in the USA with the footprint of totality ranging across several states. A room at a basic motel in Casper, Wyoming, has just become available for $2500 (parking is free). Make Eclipses Great Again!

My one, and thus far only, experience of a total solar eclipse was on February 16, 1980, when the path of totality cut through Goa. I was a teenager then and we were gathered in Panjim in a paddy field in front of our home. Nobody had any cameras and hence there are no pictures of the event. Besides the eclipse itself, I carry one lasting memory of that day. It was early in the afternoon and with totality approaching, the light diminished considerably confusing the cows grazing in the field. We watched in surprise as they began their walk back home.

The photos below were taken on March 20, 2015, during a solar eclipse visible in Iceland. The path of totality fell just off the east coast and at my location in Mývatn, the coverage fell short of totality at 98%. I wasn’t planning on photographing this eclipse, but lemons were dealt and lemonade was made. As the light dimmed, the lava field and the surrounding mountains made for an eerie sight.

Solar eclipse seen in Reykjahlíð, Mývatn, Iceland

Solar eclipse seen in Reykjahlíð
5D Mark III, 100-400L IS II

Hverfjall during solar eclipse, Mývatn, Iceland

Hverfjall tephra crater during solar eclipse
5D Mark III, 100-400L IS II

Hlíðarfjall during solar eclipse, Mývatn, Iceland

Hlíðarfjall during solar eclipse
5D Mark III, 100-400L IS II

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