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Siglo Colour

Winter crisp in the fjord.

Powered by the herring boom at the beginning of the 20th C, the village of Siglufjörður, named after its spectacular fjord, became the wealthiest settlement in Iceland. Then suddenly in 1969, the herring took their lot elsewhere devastating Siglufjörður and sinking its economy almost overnight. See this link for the story.

In Siglufjörður, Iceland

Siglo blues
5DS, 100-400L IS II

In Siglufjörður, Iceland

Blue meets Yellow in Siglufjörður
5DS, 24-70L f/2.8 II

In Siglufjörður, Iceland

Kaffi Rauðka and Hannes Boy
5DS, 24-70L f/2.8 II

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