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Psychedelic Rock

Earth in technicolor.

The marvels dotting Iceland‘s volcanic compass offer a hint of the wonders that must lie on worlds beyond our own.

Leirhnjúkur volcanic field, Mývatn, Iceland

Leirhnjúkur volcanic field
5DS, Zeiss ZE 50 f/2 MP

Þeistareykir geothermal area on Bæjarfjall. Iceland

Slopes of Bæjarfjall, Þeistareykir geothermal area
5DS, Zeiss ZE 50 f/2 MP

Thrihnjukagigur Volcano in Reykjanes, Iceland

þríhnúkagígur (crater) interior, Reykjanes
5D Mark III, TS-E 17L

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