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The Dhangars of Mopa

The Dhangars are a community of shepherds with small pockets of ancient settlements scattered around Goa. On an early February morning this year I dropped by the village of Mopa in north Goa, in the settlement known as Dhangarwadi. The Dhangars of Mopa are now in danger of losing their traditional habitat if the proposed monstrosity of a new airport goes through. You can always count on corrupt and immoral Goan politicians to defile the last bit of purity left in Goa‘s environment.

For an account of the Dhangars of Goa, download this scan of the chapter from People of India: GOA (Anthropological Survey of India).

Sonu Vithu Varakh of Dhangarwadi in Mopa

Sonu Vithu Varakh of Mopa, Goa
5D Mark II, Zeiss ZE 50 f/2 MP

Sonu Vithu Varakh and wife Janabai

Sonu Vithu Varakh and wife Janabai
5D Mark II, Zeiss ZE 50 f/2 MP

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