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Naga Panchami

Festival of snakes.

India is home to an astonishing variety of snakes. Not surprisingly, Hindu tradition inculcates a deep reverence for the reptiles, their significance embedded in ancient texts, epics, lore, art, as well as in practice. The cobra is an especially salient presence in the Hindu imagination. Lord Shiva, for example, has one coiled around his neck. Snakes and Ladders originated in India.

The Naga Panchami festival in honour of the anguine will be celebrated today across India.

Figurines of cobras are brought into homes for offerings and worship. The other day I came across a street vendor in the village of Ribandar, Goa.

Naga Panchami, snake idols, Goa

Naga Panchami, snake idols, Goa

A quiver of Cobras
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