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Narasimha of Hampi

Restorer of Dharma.

Today is Narasimha Jayanti, a celebration of Narasimha, the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Among the treasures at Hampi, a World Heritage Site, is the astounding monolith of Narasimha. A masterpiece such as this must draw not only on extraordinary artistic imagination and skill but also from the deep wellspring of Bhakti (devotion).

Shloka and translation provided by Dr. V.N. Muthukumar:

यमाहुर्हि देहं हृषीकाणि केचित्परेऽसूंस्तथा बुद्धिशून्ये तथान्ये ।
यदज्ञानमुग्धा जना नास्तिकाग्र्याः सदानन्दरूपं तमीडे नृसिम्हम् ॥

The foremost amongst nāstikā-s, deluded by ignorance,
call Him the Body; likewise, the Vital Breath and the Senses.
Some call Him the Intellect and others, Nothingness.
(But) We praise that Nṛsimha who is sat and ānanda.

(Verse from Nṛsimhabhujaṅgaprayātastava, composed by Śrī Saccidānanda Śivābhinava Nṛsimhabhāratī Mahāsvāminaḥ, 33rd ācārya at Sringeri; 1879-1912)

Narasimha, Hampi, Karnataka

Narasimha, Hampi, Karnataka

Lord Narasimha of Hampi
5D, 24-105L

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