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Final Sunset of the Year

2018 draws to a close.

Lone fisherman and last sunset of 2018, Siridona, Goa

Lone fisherman works the nets – Dec 31, 2018, Siridona, Goa
5DS, 100-400L IS II


It was a year in which Al Gore’s glaciers refused to melt, the Universe continued to expand, and Donald J. Trump served as our President.

The Masters of the Universe had warned that we would all be dead by now in a nuclear war ignited by the orange fiend. Disturbingly, there’s a great danger of peace breaking out today. Not only has the Tweetmeister not launched any new wars, he is threatening to end current engagements and disband the permanent war establishment. Resist!

The IYIs of Cambridge, MA promised us that Trump would crash the global economy. Surprisingly, the economy declined to cooperate despite the fervent prayers for a Recession by New York Times’ BS artist Paul Krugman. Fake News!

The wunderkinds of Silicon Valley foresaw the advent of a fascist, authoritarian state. Lo and behold, the fascists who showed up were all from their own ranks, rioting on campuses for “safe spaces,” banning alternative views on their platforms, clamouring for the destruction of the dissenting. Impeach!

The savants from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford held forth on the unspeakable damage being done to civilization, the same charlatans who helped lie the nation into war, crashed the global economy, and then restocked their wallets with our – the ignorants’ and the Deplorables’ – money. Sad!

In this blog devoted to photos and photography, rarely do I venture into the political realm. I wish my readers a fulfilling year ahead as we step into the Kurukshetra of 2019.

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