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Shame on Google

The ‘Do No Evil’ company is evil.

This blog is devoted to photography and related matters. It is extremely rare that I stray into the realm of politics.

News is out that Google has just fired an employee at its Mountain View, California, headquarters for writing an internal memo expressing his misgivings about the gospel of diversity that has come to pervade our companies and university campuses in recent years. The unfortunate employee was guilty of a cardinal sin: he forgot to conform to the pre-approved herd-think, and worse, he had the temerity to put down his thoughts and distribute them.

When Trump won the election, the Masters of the Universe issued dire warnings about how President Trump would endanger our freedoms. The reality has been the opposite. The dangers to our freedoms – intellectual and physical – today come from the Left, as witness the riots in Berkeley, the mobs on college campuses who assault speakers they don’t agree with, the toxic climate fostered at universities that discourages thinking deemed subversive by the elites, and now the tyranny at hi-tech companies such as Google.

This nation has become the stomping ground for the army of intellectual cowards and fascistic thugs of the Left.


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