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“Smart City”

Goa merges fully with India.

Yesterday I briefly attended a symposium in Panjim on the “Smart City” initiative. It was like walking into a parallel universe. The main thing I learnt was that Indians have gotten better at buzzwords and PowerPoint.

“Smart Cities” is the conceit du jour of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Not long ago, Panjim was an exquisite town with its distinct visual signature, cultural identity and a quality of life not found anywhere else in India. But then India arrived in Goa. Today Panjim is on the fast track to sewer-hood. No different from any other filthy, unpleasant urban Indian space.

You see, I am not supposed to commit crimes of noticing things or think such impure thoughts much less record them, in the interest of not offending the ‘feelings’ of my superpatriotic Indian friends.

A few samplers from within a stone’s throw of the “Smart City” dog & pony show. We’ll certainly get our ‘smart’ chops even if it means we have to stew in garbage the rest of our life.

Garbage in Panjim, Goa

Garbage City
iPhone 6s

Filth in Panjim, Goa

Filth City
iPhone 6s

Electric hazard in Panjim, Goa

Electric City: where you can die if you aren’t smart
iPhone 6s

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