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Stranded in Strandir

A taste of the Icelandic winter.

Heavy snow and high winds have shut down the only route in and out of the Strandir coast in the Westfjords area of Iceland. Hopefully the weather tomorrow will permit the once-a-week flight from Reykjavík to the nearby airstrip in Gjögur. If not I get to enjoy the blowing snow until Tuesday when the next clearing of the road is scheduled.

The conditions have not deterred us – my friend Kristinn Ingi Pétursson and I – from venturing out and taking photos.

Urðartindur cottages in snow storm, Norðurfjörður

Our cottages in Norðurfjörður in blowing snow
5D Mark III, 24-105L

Krossneslaug geothermal pool, world's best pool by location5D Mark III, 11-24L

Location, Location, Location – Krossneslaug geothermal pool
5D Mark III, 11-24L

Couple out on a walk in snow storm

A stroll in a storm
5D Mark III, 24-105L

Couple out on a walk in snow storm near Krossnes, Norðurfjörður

We caught up for a friendly chat
5D Mark III, 24-105L


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