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The highest freestanding cliff face in Iceland.

The word Lómagnúpur is a compound of lómur (red-throated diver) and gnúpur (cliff). It is among the most remarkable sights in south Iceland.

Mt Lómagnúpur (767 m) features the highest cliff face in Iceland, with a vertical rise of more than 600 m. It forms the southern end of the Björninn mountain complex, which is built of Pleistocene móberg and lavas. The cliff itself was carved out by glaciers and later modified by coastal erosion. At the base of Lómagnúpur in the west are deposits from two rock avalanches, one of unknown prehistoric age and another that was formed by an avalanche in July 1789.

From: Iceland by Thor Thordarson and Armann Hoskuldsson, Classic Geology in Europe Series, Terra Publishing, 2009.

Lómagnúpur, Winter, Iceland

5D Mark III, TS-E 17L

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