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Surla Waterfall

Falls of the Beloved.

Deep in the Western Sahyadri range at an elevation of 800 m in northeast Goa is perched its highest village, Surla. Access to this remote outpost involves a steep climb up the winding mountain pass of Chorla Ghat, and then a brief foray across the state border into Karnataka before a forked path leads back into Goa to this speck of a village. There are expansive views to be had from the lookout here, and the vistas are especially high on drama during the monsoons when the romance of water and wind is at its peak. Last month I made 3 excursions in the space of a week to this enchanting location.

This waterfall seen from Surla (pronounced like the French ‘sur la table’) is known by its Konkani name Ladkyacho Vozar, meaning “Falls of the Beloved.” A short video clip below gives a sense of the mood.

Ladkyacho vozar (waterfall) seen from Surla, Goa

Ladkyacho vozar near Surla, Goa
5D Mark III, 100-400L IS

Ladkyacho vozar waterfall in the Western Sahyadris

Ladkyacho vozar in the Western Sahyadris of Goa
5D Mark III, 70-200L f/2.8 IS II


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