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Motilal Parrikar, 1921-2013

A real mensch departs.

Motilal Parrikar

Motilal Parrikar
Born: July 09, 1921, Parra, Goa
Died: July 10, 2013, Bambolim, Goa

As a young man

As a young man

Motilal and Vijaya Parrikar

Motilal and Vijaya Parrikar (1962)

Evening in Siridona, Goa (2007)

Evening in Siridona, Goa (2008)

In Parra, his birthplace

In Parra, his birthplace (2012)

Playing 'Arjuna' in the Marathi musical Saubhadra

Playing ‘Arjuna’ in the Marathi musical Saubhadra

Welcomed by my advisor, late Professor K.C. Gupta

Warm welcome by my advisor, the late Professor K.C. Gupta
University of Colorado at Boulder (1992)

With US Air Force captains Jerry Gerace and Azar Ali

With US Air Force captains Dr. Jerry Gerace and Dr. Azar Ali
Garden of the Gods, Colorado (1992)

In San Francisco

In San Francisco (1992)

In Luzern

In Lucerne (2004)



Pappa in Divar at sunset

The last photo I took of him
Divar, Goa (March, 2013)


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