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Matanhy Saldanha (1948-2012)

Matanhy Saldanha, Minister of Environment and Tourism in the brand new government constituted in Goa this week, passed away today (March 21 in Goa) after suffering a massive heart attack. In Matanhy-bab were joined a keen intellect and a passionate drive for activism. He died as he lived – in service of Goa. I was his pupil at Don Bosco High School in Panjim in the 1970s. In 2007-2008 I was fortunate to work closely under him in the fight against the SEZ (Special Economic Zones) scam wrought by the corrupt and destructive Congress government.

Matanhy Saldanha

Matanhy Saldanha
5D, 24-105L

Matanhy Saldanha at the anti-SEZ rally in Panjim, Dec 2007

Matanhy Saldanha at the December 2007 anti-SEZ rally in Panjim
5D, 24-105L

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