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An array of flat-topped mountains, their snouts dipped in the fjord, punctuated by valleys is the signature sight of Iceland‘s Westfjords. This image of one such mountain, Hvestunúpur (531 m), was taken on Arnarfjörður.

Late evening light on Hvestunúpur

Light on Hvestunúpur and Vaðall beach
5D Mark II, Zeiss ZE 50 f/2 MP


A better appreciation of the scape can be had from the air, and such a view is seen below in an image taken from Iceland Road Atlas. The settlement of Bíldudalur (population 166) is in the foreground and Hvestunúpur is the second peak out. These valleys are collectively known by the name Ketildalir (Kettle valleys).

Ketildalir Valleys

Ketildalir valleys
© Iceland Road Atlas

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