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The Lady of Candolim

With its fields, hills, and a lovely beach, the historic village of Candolim in Goa was once a picture of serenity and beauty. The beach has now vanished through erosion and encroachment, and the fields & hills scarred by ugly concrete.

The Church of Our Lady of Hope (Nossa Senhora da Esperança) was built in 1667 in what is referred to as a Neo-Mannerist style. (For details, see The Parish Churches of Goa by José Lourenço, Amazing Goa Publications, 2005.)

This kind of photograph – where the vertical lines are held vertical – is made possible by Tilt-Shift lenses.

Our Lady of Hope, Candolim

Our Lady of Hope, Candolim (1667)
5D Mark II, TS-E 24L II


This image of the same church, from across the Nerul river, was taken on a murky monsoon morning. [Added: If you look carefully at the image below, the church appears slightly tilted. That is because the towers are not both exactly parallel, and furthermore, there is a small divergence in the facets of each tower as well. Therefore, I had to make a choice while leveling the image. One easy fix would have been to use the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop.]

Church of Our Lady of Hope in Candolim, Goa

A monsoon morning in Candolim, Goa
5D Mark II, Zeiss ZE 100 f/2 Makro Planar

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