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Morning in Goa – Parra

A February morning in my ancestral village of Parra in Goa. My last name derives from it: Parrikar means of/from Parra.

The first two images were made in a paddy field, currently looking wild and untidy pending cultivation during the monsoon season. The glistening grass following a night of heavy dew sharpens the foreground and the low mist in the distance imbues a picture of serenity.

Intercepting the first rays of the sun at the edge of the field is the Church of St. Anne (1649), seen in the third photograph. The Sunday morning mass was in session and a lone devout figure at the side entrance to the church caught my eye (last photograph). She was absorbed in the proceedings and took no notice of me.

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Morning colours in Parra

Dew, Mist, Colour
5D Mark II, Zeiss 50mm f/2 Makro Planar + Singh-Ray 2-Stop Reverse GND Filter

Misty sunrise

5D Mark II, 135L + Singh-Ray 2-Stop Reverse GND Filter

St Anne's Church (1649)

St Anne's Church (1649)
5D Mark II, 135L


5D Mark II, 135L

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