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Ferry Crossing on the Mandovi

The voyage across Goa‘s mighty River Mandovi begins late in the evening in fading light. Port of embarkation: Ribandar. Destination: the lost island of Divar. Total sailing time is expected to be 5 mins and 25 secs.

Ferry at Ribandar, Goa<br>5D Mark II, 14L II

Ferry at Ribandar, Goa
5D Mark II, 14L II


Capt. Emidio Fernandes is at the helm.

Capt. Emidio Fernandes<br>5D Mark II, 14L II

Capt. Emidio Fernandes
5D Mark II, 14L II


Midway we encounter unexpected turbulence. A barge loaded with the droppings of Goa‘s ‘mineral farmers’ (aka miners, the destroyers of Goa‘s environment) is headed straight for our ship.

Barge on River Mandovi, Goa<br>5D Mark II, 24-105L

Barge on River Mandovi, Goa
5D Mark II, 24-105L


Summoning all his experience, Capt. Fernandes skillfully dodges the incoming missile and your friendly photographer lives to shoot another day.

On the way to Divar<br>5D Mark II, 14L II

On the way to Divar
5D Mark II, 14L II

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