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Shrinking Goa

Dwindling open spaces.

As a rule, I keep this blog free of politics. This post is an exception.

Not long go, the benisons of Goa were its wide open spaces, unspoilt hills, forests, tranquil rivers, and virgin beaches. The beaches were the first to be laid low. Then they went for its open spaces, its wild hills and its forests. The relentless march of concretization is on (pure Third World in design and quality) and the situation has gotten to be dire now.

When Manohar Parrikar was returned as Chief Minister in 2012, there was much joy and Goans nursed great hope that he would stem the tide and preserve what was left of Goa. Alas, that hope has turned out to be false. His administration is as venal as the one that preceded it. Clearly, an IIT education does not imbue one with wisdom. Apropos of the sorry Manohar Parrikar, Einstein’s quip comes to mind: the man can calculate but he cannot think.

Bai in Batim, Goa

Goa’s dwindling spaces: My niece Saraswati in Batim, Goa
5D Mark III, 24-105L

Babu and Bai in Batim, Goa

My nephew Yash and niece Saraswati in Batim, Goa
5D Mark III, 24-105L

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